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31 Mar 2019, 12:21am


What Happens When You Never Give Up

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So, it has been a long, long time since I have posted about Bart…maybe years.

But, a day never goes by without thinking about my boy and the incredible life he lived, the lives he touched, and the people he inspired because he never gave up.

Bart never gave up, which is how he earned his Master Hunter (MH) Title 10  months post amputation and twenty-two placements in competitive hunting events.


Bart never gave up, which is why the Wounded Warriors he took on guided hunts considered him an Honorary Wounded Warrior.


Bart never gave up, which is why he became the first Vizlsa in history to be awarded the American Kennel Club’s esteemed ACE Award in the category of Exemplary Companion.


Bart never gave up, which is why he remained in remission from osteosarcoma for six years until his body could no longer handle the terrible disease we all know too well and he earned his wings.

Although Bart is no longer by my side, his legacy remains a part of me and is a constant reminder of what can happen if we never give up. Because of this, Bart is now the first Tripawd in history to be inducted into the Vizsla Club of America’s Hall of Fame.


Thank you Bart for teaching me and a whole lot of folks that life is just too short to ever give up!

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Way to go Bart and Darcy. Thank you for posting about this true Hero and Warrior. You are right he never did give up. Always was a inspiration to us.

Michelle & Angel Sassy

31 Mar 2019, 1:25am
by Lorraine Cogan


Oh how I wish I could have met Barty. Thank you so much for your love and support of Rio. Bart is our warrior hero. XO

Oh my DOG Darcy!

First, I’m thrilled you came here to update, thank you. It means so much to everyone, we send people all the time and for them to see an update years later is something they will hold in their hearts for the inspawration they need during tough times.

And, I had no idea about the Hall of Fame…WOW that is amazing and soooo BIG for Tripawds and so-called “special needs” animals everywhere!!!

There goes Barty, breaking stereotypes even from up at the Bridge. Go Bart!

Love you guys furever,
Rene, Jim, Wyatt Ray, Spirit Jerry & the Tripawds Nation


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