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8 Sep 2014, 1:18pm


The Perfect Love

Good Morning…

I am sure most or some of you know by now that I said Good Bye to my beloved Bart last week. He declined quickly on Thursday at which point we discovered several tumors on his spleen and several on his liver. His stomach was filling with blood, causing him to be severely anemic and preventing his heart from conducting proper pumping.

For the past two weeks he was struggling just to be with me, but he continually found the strength to be by my side. He would muster enough energy to be-bop down to the barn to be with me, where he would climb into a chair I placed in front of a large fan to keep him comfortable.

Bart did not live one moment too long or one moment too short. In true Barty kindness he set this all up so that I would not have to make any other decision but to uphold my promise to him to take care of him to the best of my abilities, which I did. Before he left this world, he was comfortable, he was calm and he knew how much I love him. He still wagged his tail when the vets came in to say good bye. He was true Bart all the way to the end.

I laid with my face to his, giving him kisses and telling him “I Love You” over and over and over and over like I did each day when my daily grind separated us.  Before he moved on, he closed his eyes and absorbed all my love. That moment was about Bart. That moment was about kindness. That moment was about Love in the purest form I will ever know.

After we laid him to rest in a beautiful spot on our farm the Heavens opened up and absolutely poured down on us. I believe many tears were shed for the loss of this incredible soul and the Heavens gained a perfect angel that day.

When I first brought Bart home, I told him that I had one goal for us. This goal had nothing to do with awards, accolades, titles or accomplishments.  I told Bart that my goal was to love him like I had never loved before and to do everything in my power to have him love me more than I had ever been or felt loved. The world and humans are not set up to see perfection in ourselves or others. That is just not the way it is designed. But, to me Bart was Perfect. And, to Bart I was Perfect and I saw it when he looked at me and it felt GREAT!!

dont cry because it is over


For Bart and I, “IT” was a Perfect Love between two souls who were Perfect to each other. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Thank you Bart for allowing me to be Your Person and for being My Dog. You were one in a million and the pain I feel from your absence is well worth the Joy you brought me with your unbridled love, enthusiasm and zest for life that made everyone you met smile. Every day with you was an absolute pleasure filled with smiles and love.  The world is a better place for having you in it and I will be forever grateful that you had the insight to choose me as your forever companion.

Bart, I love you forever!



No, I did NOT know…and am startled as I read your first line.

And while this is an exquisite heartfelt tribute…one that honors such an amazing and loving relationship with such dignity and grace….one that recognizes with gratitude the value of a life well lived and well loved….I am just in a puddle of tears .

Havingnhad the privilege to know you two during my whole time with Happy Hannah on here was part of whats”good” about this journey!

BART GAVE US HOPE!! BART INSPIRED US!! BART SHOWED US THERE ARE SURVIVORS OF THIS CRAP DISEASE! Every single ppsting…every picture…every video (and those videos were sooooo powerful)…..all showed us how to LIVE during this journey!!!

And Bart got to be Bart!!!! I think that was absolutely one of the best gifts we can give…and you and Bart did it splendidly. And you maintained your bond of love for each other…and you ALWAYS, ALWAYS did what was best for Bart…and he ALWAYS knew you would!

You’ve been on this site long enought to know that the absence…the void..will seem unbearable for quite awhile. Yes, we feel gratitude for the time we had, gratitude that their transition was as good as it could possible be, yet your heart is still shattered into a million pieces.

PLEASE stay connected to us. We understand like no others can.

BART MADE HISTORY IN SOOOO MANY WAYS AND ON SO MANY DIFFERENT LEVELS! To say that Bart “touched our lives snd our hearts” is so inadequate! How do you even put into words his greatness…the depth of love you two shared??? You can’t.

We can only continue to celebrate the Legacy of Bart! Bart brought so much light into this world and nothing can ever, ever dim his bright beacon of hope, his bright beacon of how to live life to the fullest, his bright beacon of love for you.

Bart’s life mattered!! Bart’s presence on earth made a difference…and I mean that! And he will continue to inspire awe every time his name crosses our hearts.

Thank you for this eloquently written post today. I know it was not easy, but I also know how proud Bart is of you…so very proud.

And it just started downpouring here in Virginia as I write this. I Think today though, instead of the Heavens shedding tears….I think it’s all the dogs shaking themseleves dry after swimming with Bart in the most pristine lakes Paradise has to offer!!! Yep, you show our tripawd heroes how to have a ball sweet boy!!!

We will celebrate through the tears today….that’s what Bart would want. And we will smile because his life “happened”.

Surrounding you with Bart’s eternal grace and happy smile and wagging tail…

Sally and My Eternal Light Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

Thank you for your kind words, Sally. I like to think that Bart has met Hannah and they are having a great time together.
So far, I have been able to deal with the pain only because Bart’s love for me is so very strong. I know there are going to be tough times ahead and I am prepared to face them head on with Bart’s grace behind me. He was my one in a million.

8 Sep 2014, 5:21pm
by penny4weims


So sorry, too sad right now to add more.

I so understand Penny.

Good morning Darcy,
Bart IS perfect, as are you. Not knowing his story I can see his dignity and pride in his photo. Thank you for this beautiful tribute. Very touching.

Kerren and Tri-kitty Mona

8 Sep 2014, 8:56pm
by elizabeth


Wow, that is really a touching tribute to a wonderful soul. I only know a little bit about Bart’s story, but reading that I KNOW 100% that he was very very loved. That makes me smile. “The world and humans are not set up to see perfection in ourselves or others”, boy don’t they teach us so easily how that is NOT the way its supposed to be. We don’t need to be anything for them, our love and our attention IS perfection. Dogs are amazing, and both you and Bart were so lucky to have each other. Run free Bart!!!

What a beautiful tribute to Bart! I did know…because I saw it on the FB page but I kept checking here…just in case.

Bart truly was (and is) one in a million and you fulfilled your promise to him tenfold.

May your memories and your love for him help during those tough times.

Linda and Tucker

Darcy, I didn’t know either! I am so sorry! Bart was such an amazing boy, I guess I thought he would just always be here. Kind of like Trouble or Queen Nova. I am so sorry you have lost Bart. But I also can’t help but realize that the love you two had for each other makes your relationship never-ending. You and Bart were the perfect match. No one could have loved you like he did; and no one could’ve loved him like you. Sending healing thoughts to you.

Oh Darcy,
What a beautiful and moving tribute for Bart, your heartdog. Bart touched so many lives that you must know he will never be forgotten. He will remain an inspiring tripawd warrior forever in the hearts of the Tripawd Nation. Sending you love and peace from the Oaktown Pack.

I was crushed when I read of sweet Bart’s passing……although I have never met you or him, he became a Super Hero dog to me when I read his story and started to follow his life here. My own precious Polly also lost her battle in the end to ruptured tumors on her spleen and liver, and was bleeding quickly internally. I cried when reading the part of you saying goodbye to Bart….once again, it was identical to me saying goodbye to my girl. Our special Tripawds will live on forever in our hearts, and remain by our side even if we can’t see them.

Thank you for sharing his life here with us all these years, and he will always be a Super Hero dog to me.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers,
Bonnie & Angel Polly

I want to clarify, I had read about Bart’s passing on facebook several days ago when it was posted by Tripawds…….I felt like the floor opened up on me when I saw it.

Oh no, not Bart! Oh Darcy, I am so so sorry! I did not know either. I read this and got a big lump in my stomach. Bart was such an inspiration. He seemed like he was Bart until the end. He lived every day to the fullest. His picture in his chair always makes me smile. My heart aches with yours. Please know that we are here. Sharing memories here has proved to be therapeutic for me and many others. Big hugs from, Lori and Ty

I can’t stop this water from appearing in my eyes, this is the post that I never thought we would see here. How our hearts broke when we heard. Bart? Gone? Never!

I wanted to believe that Bart would go on forever because this boy has BROKEN THE MOLD in every aspect. He has shattered every single perception of “three-legged dog” and risen to the status of LEGEND in this community.

Bart just has this everlasting spirit of love and kindness and beauty, courage and persistence….as sad as we are to know that he’s an angel, this is the time to remind myself that just because he shed his “earth clothes” as Sally likes to call it, that doesn’t mean that he’s not HERE. Far from it.

Your amazing story with Bart will continue to inspire, to shine a beacon of hope and inspawaration to others as they begin their own Tripawd journey. YES! Dogs CAN go on to do what makes their heart sing, they CAN be great at anything…Bart proves it!

Still, sorry can’t begin to describe how much we feel for you Darcy, but wow to see how you are celebrating his life with this beautiful tribute…it really does speak volumes about how well you followed Bart’s lead. Thank you for letting us study alongside you. These lessons will never, ever fade.

Love, love and more love coming your way. It was truly an honor of a lifetime to meet you both, we will never forget that.

Oh gosh. I don’t even have the words. I’m just a puddle of tears. Darcy, you and Bart have been such an inspiration to Jill and me. And we will continue to look at you both as inspirations. Bart was truly a beautiful soul and his story will never be forgotten. Thank you for sharing his journey and giving us all so much hope. I am sending lots of warm hugs and strength during this difficult time.


I know I read this on Facebook. When I read it I just started bawling like it was Sassy all over again. Bart was such an inspiration a true Warrior in every sense of the word. It made it so much easier when we faced our diagnosis that there was Bart. He was just so loving and such a fighter in every sense of the word. He was truly your heart dog.
You put this tribute into such great words and he will never be forgotten. Thank you for sharing a part of your world with Bart.

Michelle & Angel Sassy

Wow, Darcy, I’m so sorry…I am crying for your loss of an absolutely wonderful friend!! I have always enjoyed following you and Bart in your adventures. He was an incredible soul that fought a really hard battle. Your tribute is beautiful. Hugs to you…

Tracy & Spirit Maggie

Thank you so much! Yes, Bart fought like a true Champion. He is just awesome!

So very sorry for your loss. I know how painful it is to lose a family member like Bart. Take comfort in the wonderful life and love you shared to the end. Prayers and hugs.

Thank you, Bart, for giving us hope. And love. And companionship. And honor. And pride. And a legacy!
~ Katy & Jackson

Oh My Dog,
Thank you so much Darcy, for allowing Bart to bless my life by working with him, and having him attend my Doga classes a few years ago. I had no idea he had passed. I had noticed you “liked” the FB post on the Animal Service at Unity North a few weeks ago. If you are able to attend the annual Animal Blessing service on Oct 5, please let me know. Email me at I would love for you to bring pics and share a brief story of the amazing journey that you and Bart shared, and are still sharing, Now. Your blog is beautiful. Tears were/are, streaming down my face as I read your words…thank you sooo much for sharing from the deepest part of your…your heart and Bart…it’s all the same, absolutely beautiful 🙂 Much love, peace, and Big, Big Hugs!!! Jeanie Ward

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