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5 Apr 2012, 12:31pm


Introducing Bart!

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Good Morning!

As I was riding to work this morning I was thinking about what I hope to accomplish with this blog about Bart. I still don’t quite have an answer, but perhaps it will come to me as I begin to share my experiences with Bart over the past four years and on a daily basis.  Just when I think he has done all he was put here to do, another opportunity arises for us or he amazes someone who had never seen him before and I realize that our work here is not finished.

This weekend Bart & I travelled to Lake Wales, Florida to compete in an AKC Field Trial, which is a 30 minute hunting event in which Bart excels. When Bart was chosen to complete a retrieve based on his 30 minute performance, there were some folks in the stands who had never seen him in action.  Bart is known to retrieve his birds probably faster and zippier than most dogs out there and the reaction from those who had never seen him was of pure astonishment! Afterwards, one of the spectators approached me, introduced himself as an organizer of guided hunts for Florida’s Wounded Soldiers and invited Bart to come hunt with some Wounded Soldiers! We have worked with Wounded Warriors out of Fort Campbell, KY, and it was one of the most memorable times we have had. These are the opportunities Bart & I get presented with only because we continue to do what we love and because we get out there and challenge peoples’ belief about what can be done on 3 legs.

There is no need to waste time worrying about what you can’t do when there is so much that you can! Bart shows me that every day and I hope he inspires you & your Tripawd to do the same!

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Wow. Awesome Bart. I am already amazed by my dog who is a week post -op. He is already trying to chase cars again around our yard.

They heal so quickly! I am amazed at all these tripawds! They really let you see what the right attitude can do!

Way to go Bart!! Sounds like he’s doing GREAT!!!!!!!!!

5 Apr 2012, 7:50pm
by samson007


Welcome Bart! Glad to hear you are dong well

Oh we are SO glad you started a blog Darcy (and for all of your support too)! Bart’s story is too important and inspawrational not to share with as many people as possible, so don’t worry about accomplishing anything here…just go for it and tell us all about your pawesome pup! His life is guaranteed to put a smile on many people’s faces and hope in their hearts.


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