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23 Apr 2012, 1:10pm


Pay it Forward

Good Morning Tripawd Community!!

I hope everyone had as good a weekend as me & Barty!! We are sending pawsitive thoughts to all of you who are new on this journey and a big Paw’s Up to all of you who keep on keepin’ on!!!

On Saturday Bart & I were driving to a training day early in the morning. I had given up coffee a few weeks ago and decided to spurge on a Latte at Starbucks! Yummo!! We placed our order in the drive through and while we were waiting in line Bart & I were singing to music and hugging and laughing (we do a lot of that!) waiting for our turn at the window.  I saw the gal in front of us make two transactions and thought she must have forgotten to order something. When we got to the window to pay, the gentleman at the window told us that the gal in front of us had paid for my Latte – for no reason but to be nice!!! I waved my thanks to her and she smiled and drove away. Needless to say, I was touched. The Starbuck’s worker said it happens frequently – how about that!!!

Of course I got to thinking about paying it forward and how much better a world we would live in if we all paid it forward. Paying it forward is one of the reasons I trot Bart around to so many different events – so that others can see what is possible and to hopefully help someone else who may be faced with a similar situation in life.  OK, so admittedly some of it is to pay it forward and some of it is because I am just so flippin’ proud of Bart and his accomplishments it is crazy! But, I think we have helped more than just a few people. IN fact, just a few weeks ago we were contacted by someone who had seen Bart at the 2009 Vizsla Nationals in Charlotte, NC, and was talking about his accomplishments when someone whose sweeet boy had just undergone an amputation heard about Bart and has since contacted us and become one of our tripawd friends! Offering support to strangers who share a commonality such as this is an amazing bi-product of this journey.

Thank you to and all the members who are paying it forward by sharing your stories and offering support and invaluable information!

Keep up the great work!!


Darcy & Bart

What a great post Darcy! So true!!!

Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

You and Maggie pay it forward by showing others what can be done with 3 legs and a big heart! Maggie & you are some of our Tripawd Heroes!!! Anything is possible!!

Darcy & Bart

Oh thank you Darcy! Maggie tries her best and she has a huge heart 🙂 She’s not as agile, however, as your wonderful Bart! He’s totally amazing!

Tracy & Maggie

Pawsome!! We are big fans of paying it forward. Every weekend we do rescue transports. Moving dogs out of high-kill shelters to approved rescues, fosters or adopters.

We think paying it forward rules!!!

Yep – rescue is so important. I have been the rescue coordinator for the Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta for several years and it is just the right thing to do for a breed I so dearly love. So glad you have the “rescue bug” too and are paying it forward!!
Darcy & Bart

Wow. I’m not sure how often that Starbucks gesture happens in the world but it sure is pretty cool when it does. That is neat.

Paying it forward is the best way to spread the love for both humans and the animals. Boy, if everyone did that, this world would be a big ol’ love fest now wouldn’t it?

It’s clear to me that you and Bart are definitely doing a lot of paying it forward! Thanks.


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