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24 Apr 2014, 12:37pm


Darn OSA Rears Its Ugly Head…Bart & Darcy Prepared to Fight!

It has been a while since I have posted. Mostly I just enjoy reading posts here and on the FB page and supporting the pawrents who are celebrating milestones or having to make difficult decisions. I feel the pain of those who have to let their beloveds go and shed tears each time I find out that we have lost another Tripawd Soldier.

Bart has always been a hero no matter where he goes. He beat Osteosarcoma 6 years ago – virtually unheard of!! He competed until almost 9 years old in hunting events with 4-legged dogs with a following like no other!  He was awarded the AKC Humane Fund ACE Award for being an Exemplary Companion!  He has lived a charmed and blessed life.

Last week he had a tumor removed from the tissue surrounding and between his ribs at his old amputation site. Bart’s vet, Dr. Abby Huggins, enjoys surgery and enjoys a challenge but said that because she loves Bart so much she wished she didn’t have to have such a challenging surgery with him. When she saw Bart’s tumor, she knew it was a sarcoma of some sorts but didn’t want to “be sad” until the pathology results came back. She was also concerned that due to the location and size of the tumor she was unable to get the needed clean margins.

Bart recovered from a very difficult surgery in true Bart style and I was fortunate to be reminded of the sheer tenacity and strength in this amazing creature.  During the first night after the surgery Bart had some discomfort, but I could see in his eyes that he trusted me so that when I consoled him he knew I had his back and that he would be OK. During that dark night, there was the light of love. The next morning, he wanted nothing more than to run around the living room carrying random shoes and slippers. He’s back…

Yesterday we got the pathology report back – Osteosarcoma has returned 6 years later. My heart sunk and the tears flowed. I contacted Bart’s breeder who was my rock during the last go around and who I know will  be there again. She was devastated, but hopeful. As word spread through our FB community, hope, love and prayers have come pouring into our life…not surprising at all.  There was also a small miracle in the path report – BART’S INCREDIBLE VET SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY GOT CLEAN MARGINS!!!! Additionally, she had taken an X-ray of his chest and organs and there is not a dot of cancer anywhere in his sweet body! So, at least we have that to start with…

Bart has an appointment with his previous oncologist, Dr. Terrence Hamilton, next week and an appointment with his holistic Vet, Dr. Susan Wynn, the week after. My goal this time around is to try to fend off any new or microscopic cancer in whatever way Dr. Hamilton advises and if at 9 years old he either can’t handle the chemo treatment or if the dreaded dots appear on an X-ray he will be allowed to remain happy and comfortable.  I am prepared to deal with either or both.

Bart’s entire life has been about Love and Happy-ness and cancer cannot take any of that away from us – ever!  He & I have lived the most incredible life to its fullest and cancer cannot diminish that either. Cancer has been a part of Bart’s life and if it is a component of what makes Bart “Bart” then I embrace it whole heartedly. I just love everything about him…good or bad.

We are prepared to fight and we are prepared to love and we are prepared to laugh!!!

Darcy & Bart070

I am so sorry that Osteoscaroma came back. Bart beat it before & I know he will beat it again. My thoughts and positive energy is with both of you. Keep us informed of this Great Warrior. Prayers. Bart we know you can beat this crappy thing again. Keep fighting buddy 🙂

Michelle & Angel Sassy

Bart and Darcy!

While the news is heartbreakng, there are so many things that are encouraging. Omce the tears and “kick in the gut” feeling pass, the one thing that will stand out is……BART!! This is BART! Bart is his own dog and makes his own rules and he’s not about to let this stupid disease have ANY influence over one second of his magnificent life!!

BART has NO symptons…nothing is showing up on his xrays……he has a lot of excellent QUALITY time ahead for him! It’s always been about quality and Bart has mastered that…and continues to master it…just beautifully!! And the joy of being a dog…..absolutely nothing has changed in Bart’s world! He’s living a blissful life of love, joy and fun and has no intention of stopping!

You’ll make the best decision for Bart’s quality and well-being… always have and always will. Get the information..pros, cons, etc. Talk it over with Bart…you’ll know what path to take.

Sending you all the love and support in the world. And let NOTHING rob youof your time together! You ARE together and that is all that matters!

Sally and Happy Hannah

Oh Darci and Bart,

My heart goes out to you both! You are such an incredible team, you’ll fight this with as much tenacity as you have before! Hooray for clean margins!!! What a lucky girl you are to be near such a famous holistic vet!
Keep fighting Bart, as I know you will!

Tracy & Spirit Maggie

Darcy, I wish you and Bart didn’t have to fight this battle again. It is oddly heartwarming to think of you embracing cancer if it is part of Bart’s “Bartness.” Around here, you know that we will totally get that! And I still wish you didn’t have to do this.

I know it sounds trite to say Bart is an inspiration. We overuse that term so often. In this case, though, it’s true. Bart is incredibly inspiring. I’ve forced many people to watch Bart’s videos without telling them that he’s a tripawd and of course they don’t notice. They just see that awesome dog so hyper-focused on what he’s doing. Working his butt off. Being Bart.

Please keep us updated. Bart is a tremendously valuable member of this community and we want to know what the doctor visits show. I always choose optimism. Spectacular Bart will do spectacular things again, in style.


I honestly had to read this headline a few times because I thought there was no way I was reading it correctly.
It sounds like you have an amazing team behind you guys – just as amazing as you and Bart are and I know you will beat this stupid thing again. Shari is right – Bart is an inspiration – that is the only way to describe it. He has been an inspiration to us from the start.
Keep on fighting the good fight Bart and please do keep us posted.
Erica & Jill

Thank you for your kind and supportive words.
Yes, Bart is a fighter! Bart’s Mom is a fighter! Together we will forge on!

Thank you Team Tripawds! You all are so Pawesome!!!

Darcy & Bart

Bart and Darcy, we are devastated but we will NOT cry another tear, because we will NOT let cancer do that! This just reminds us about your strength and determination to FIGHT ON. We are with you every step of the way. We will stay pawsitive, strong and always in the NOW no matter what happens.

Bart and Darcy FIGHT ON FIGHT ON FIGHT ON! You WILL kick cancers a$$ again, it’s going to happen and you’re gonna send it to the MOON! POW!

Love you love you love you!!!! Always our heroes, even more so now. xoxoxoxo

Bart is such a strong boy, a fighter, that I know he can probably handle this on his own. But he’s not going to. You let him know that the entire Tripawds Nation is standing behind him, fighting and supporting him. Kick ass, Bart!! We are here for you!

I am new to this site and “lost” although I did make it on “Chat” one night. I have an Anatolian that had a front leg amputated a week ago and have NO idea what to expect. The vet got paid and that’s pretty much all she wrote. He walks a little but only if I’m not around. How long after amputation did you dog walk? I hope Bart is doing well. This is just so hard on everyone.

Good Morning – you have come to the right place for your Anatolian. There is so much information on here and it also helps to read others’ blogs so you can know what to expect. Ask questions…we are here to help guide you through a time that is so very unfamiliar. We have all been through it and we make it with the help of each other.
My boy Bart was only 3 when his osteo took his leg back in 2008. During the 1st week home, although he walked, he had visible depression which is common and can be due to several factors – pain meds, not feeling well, healing, etc. During this time I made sure he had what he needed and then tried to bring some normalcy back into his daily life and routine. After the depression snapped I made sure that he maintained his independence by not babying him too much and having him go on off leash walks then runs very early in the morning. With that having been said, you know your boy better than anyone and he may need different things than Bart did.

I would really recommend making walking a fun positive experience for your boy. Use Whatever is his currency to get him going – treats, squeaky voices, happiness! Once he gets over this hump you are going to be amazed at how well he does. Recovery is slow, but steady. they are learning to adapt but they are quick studies, for sure. This is sorta funny, but one of the things we celebrated during the initial weeks was Bart trying to lift one of his back legs to go to the bathroom…after all boy dogs LOVE to do this. So, when he tried I made a big deal about it! Talk about learning to celebrate the little things in life!!!

please feel free to reach out to any of us here. We were all once where you are now and the information and support at the Tripawd Nation is beyond words!

You Can Do This!!!
Darcy & Bart

Fight on! Fight on! Long live Bart into ripe, old, dignified age!

I’m so sorry it came back. So was it a soft lump? I guess, huh? And soft tissue, too, so that made it possible for his AWESOME surgeon to get it out? Amazing!

We’ll be waiting to hear the plan forward, as Bart is UBER important to us here.

Speedy recovery (sounds like that’s in the bag), and I hope the next appointments are fulfilling.
~ Katy & Jackson

The obvious…Bart is blessed to have such a loving Mom. You are both in my thoughts & prayers. My boy is finally walking and running almost 3 weeks from his surgery. I found such comfort, support & help from this site & people like you and Bart. His job isn’t done yet!


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