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9 Jul 2014, 12:12pm


Putting an End to Chemo…what a relief

Good Morning Everypawdy!

It has been a tough couple of weeks for me and Bart. We did get another piece of good news that he does NOT have kidney disease! Hooray!! One less thing to worry about. Thankfully the incontinence has also ceased. It pained me to watch him sleep while dribbling on himself. Dogs are such clean animals and I just hate to think how he felt, even when he had his little britches on to keep him as dry as possible. I hope that is a thing that stays in our past.

I have been mulling over the idea of stopping chemo treatments on Bart for some time now. Last night, I gave that idea a voice and the relief I experienced from letting that stressful energy out of my head and heart and into the world confirmed to me that it is the right decision. Bart has still not rebounded since chemo treatment #3 and treatment #4 didn’t make things any better. The thought of the progression of his decline after 2 more treatments is not something Bart deserves and it is not the life we choose for him. His eating is poor because he does not feel good…period. I know he turns his nose up to food because he feels sick because I can get him to eat decently (at best) after he has had his full doses of Cerenium, Ondansetron & Mirtazapine. Cerenium and Mirtazapine can only be given every 24 hours and we have added the Ondansetron, which can be given every 8 – 12 hours, to keep him from feeling yucky. I have him at work with me today so I can make sure he can get his meds every 8 hours because my work schedule and commute otherwise keep me away for 12 hours. By the time I get home, he is just not himself and it pains me to see him like that.

When we began this journey for the 2nd time, I promised myself that if the chemo was wreaking havoc on his 9 year old body I would not continue. Of course, in the back of my mind I was hoping he would make it through the protocol like he did when he was 3 and that I would not have to contemplate what to do. Honestly, there is nothing to think about. Bart can’t live like this and there is nothing to suggest that he would miraculously do better after another 2 rounds. So, no more chemo, Bart, no more. I promised I would take care of YOU and I will do that even if it requires making tough decisions to give you the quality of life you have earned and so deserve.

Do I feel defeated? A little…

Am I disappointed? A little

Do I believe that caring for Bart in this fashion is the right thing to do? ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY!!! He is My Barty, in some circles he is knows as Our Barty, and he is going to live life to the fullest…I owe him that for all he has done for me and those he has met in his life.

As soon as we get this nausea under control, we will venture to the next chapter in his life which will include keeping him as healthy as we can. I am blessed to have a great holistic vet in our corner who I trust to lead me in the right direction in a manner that does not include chemical warfare destroying his body.

This is when Strength & Courage take on a real persona.

This is when Strength & Courage are more than just words.

This is when Strength & Courage will shed light in the darkness.

Thank you for allowing me to give his tough decision a voice and to release the energy I have been holding in for a while.

Love & Wiggles,

Darcy & Bart


I, too, stand by your decision. First: Congrats on no kidney disease! That’s a HUGE weight off your shoulders and in Bart’s future. Congrats! Second: as the chemo begins to leave his body, I am excited for him to return to his old self. He’ll begin to feel better, rest better, and eat better. He will! It’s a wonderful thing you can bring him to work. Thankfully he’s got you to help him through this. I think you’ve made some marvelous decisions and from here on, it’s nothing but sunny days ahead! Fight on, Barty! Fight on!
~ Katy & Jackson

Thanks. It is the right thing to do. I can’t wait for the drugs to leave his body, too. I want Bart to feel like his old self again.
Gooo Jackson!!! Gooo Barty!!

What a handsome guy Bart is! I too, think you made the right decision for Bart, and if I am ever confronted with this crappy disease in one of my pups again, I will NOT do chemo again either. For me it wasn’t worth it, to see the same kind of difficulty in my Polly that you did with sweet Bart. Maybe it was worth the try, I don’t know, but we will not do it again.
So glad he does not have kidney disease, that must be a huge relief for you.

Hoping he feels so much better very soon, and enjoy every day with him…..!!

Bonnie & Angel Polly

Thanks, Bonnie. I hope Bart feels better soon, too. I really hope you don’t ever have to be confronted with this crappy disease again.

Darcy & Bart

Soooooo, that wasn’t a windstorm we had over here last night…..that was your huge sigh of relief as you exhaled all of that worry and stress out of your system!

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! ABSO FREAKIN LUTLEY that was the best decision for Bart! AND clearly it was the decision BART WANTED YOU TO MAKE!! No regrets ever in everything you have done and continue to do!!!!!!!!! Bart has guided you all the way and every decision made, including this one are all made with Bart’s well-being at the forefront!

Yeah, we’re in that circle who love Bart sooooo much we call him “our Bart” too…..and you are “our Darcy” too!! What a great family!!

And YAAAAAAAA no kidney issue and no peeing issues!!!

Isn’t it miraculous that we are seeing Bart begin his Senior years? OMD!! Who would have ever thought that possible?!

Bart’s continuing journey is legandary here! You two continue to inspire and be our beacon of hope in so many ways.

This path can be so dark and scary, but when you have Bart leading us through the maize and lighting our way with hope, it becomes a little less frightening.

Happy Hannah and I got one year and two months of THE most glorious fun and love together that I didn’t even know was possible! Bart’s story was instrumental in me proceeding with the surgery and chemo! Fourteen months of pure bliss!!! Not sure we would have had that had we not had Bart’s beacon of hope lighting our way!

Now Bart, let’s get you eating better and get that ole’ nausea kicked out of your system!!

Darcy, you two are the epitome of strength and courage! And, as odd as it may seem, your time with Bart will even be more enriched than before with all that treatment stuff gone!!

ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!!! Keep those great pictures coming as well as great updates!! And I LOVE the photo you posted today of “our Bart”!


Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

I applaud you for looking after Bart. I know it wasn’t easy on you making that decision but I feel too that its for the best. You know Bart & how he feels and are a great advocate. Once those drugs are out of his system you know what to do.

Great vets are hard to come by and I am so glad you have one that will help you with the rest of this journey because I know Bart will continue to kick butt.

Your strength & courage are awesome. Keep sharing wonderful pictures. I am cheering for him and he is a great inspiration.

Congrats on all the positive news the past week. Our Bart is continuing to be a legend here. 🙂

Yay Barty

hugs & love
Michelle & Angel Sassy

Thank you Michelle!

I am looking forward to getting Our Barty back to feeling like his old self!

9 Jul 2014, 7:00pm
by Guardian Angel Cheddar


Thanks for making me cry at work.

9 Jul 2014, 7:51pm
by trmbaileysmom


I am totally for your decision as I am in the same boat with my Bailey Girl. She has had 5 rounds of carbo and each time it took her down and she had the urinating issues… her oncologist “never heard of that being a side effect.” After 5 we almost lost her she had her treatment at 4:30 and by 7:30 she was running 105.4 and not responding. I begged the over night techs and doctor to call Dr. Smith but they said that I couldn’t bring her in because she had chemo already… WHAT!!! Anyway Dr. Smith called first think in the morning (logged my 9 calls from my cell phone to get to the bottom of this) and immediately admitted her to critical care. Bailey is a great dane she’s a fighter… I know I shouldn’t look back but I should have stopped a long time ago. I to feel like I might be giving up, do we do anything else? I don’t know much about the holistic medications. Bailey is not on anything right now.. can someone tell me if they give something after they are finished with chemo but not prescription medications? Bailey is very sensitive to most meds and I want her to be happy and her quality of life to be full and pain free.

Thank you for posting this. I take a long time to come back because I have a 10 year old Dane that has started the difficulty breathing and coughs once in a while. I refuse to take her and have anything tested or x-rayed. She loves her food loves to play with her red ball even though she has wobblers she wants to go for walks… we only to like two houses and back… a ten year old Dane at 152 and a 7 year old tri-pawd at 128 I don’t think I could carry them… but they always want to press on.

Thanks again… anyone’s input on where do I go or would you do anything I am open for suggestions… I know not every dog is the same nor most of you on here are not doctors so I am reading and listening to what my tripawd family has been through and experienced with different protocols.

Barty is beautiful!
Tracy and Bailey

Bravo Darcy! This wasn’t easy, this had to have just hurt to even think about. But I can hear in your writing voice that you feel at peace with this decision, that you know if your heart that this is the absolute best thing you can do for him at this point. All I can say is: DEFINITELY.

We applaud you for your bravery, your dedication and your willingness to put his quality of life above all else. Our egos often get in the way of that but you’ve risen above it.

Bart is one amazing doggie with so much left to give to this world. Once he starts to feel like himself again, which hopefully won’t be long, he’ll continue bring inspawration to so many people in this world, doing his “job” as he’s always done and doing it SO WELL.

May the next chapter be even more exciting and unforgettable as the last. You both have lots of lives to touch, so feel better Bart! We’re cheering you on!


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