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12 Sep 2014, 2:36pm


Bart & His Continuous Presence

Happy Friday Everyone!!

What a whirlwind of emotions we have experienced this last week since Bart left us. Our home is not the same without him. We miss him sitting with us on the back porch at the end of the day, trying to maneuver his 55 pound body into our laps.

But, he is still with us…

When my husband Lane was preparing Bart’s final resting place his wedding band slipped off his finger and we could not find it anywhere. Unfortunately Lane had used the tractor and back hoe for this project and had moved around too much dirt in the process. After exhausting all efforts to find it, Lane decided that it was where it was supposed to be – with Bart forever.  My heart ached with such a sweet sentiment.

Yesterday morning I awoke abruptly to see Bart standing in our bedroom doorway and he was Peeved!! He was giving our male German Shorthair Pointer, Maxx, the evil eye for sleeping on Bart’s bed on the floor next to our bed. Bart never really like Maxx and Maxx would play upon Bart’s jealousy of me with any other male dog.  Bart’s face was priceless and he was as real standing there as these words on this page. I still laugh out load as I remember Bart’s expression.

Yesterday afternoon, after Lane unloaded stuff from my car he told me that he saw Bart standing in the back seat of my car as he always did and it was so real to him that he almost said, “Hi Bart.”  I told him that I understood and that Bart had appeared numerous times already in different parts of our home.

Better yet, yesterday Lane went down to Bart’s resting spot and could not believe when suddenly his wedding band appeared amidst the dirt and grass in the area where Bart had been placed.  Lane is 100% positive that Bart pushed the ring to the surface so that it could be found.  I agree with his assessment.

Bart’s presence is felt everywhere and for that I continue to be grateful that he was placed in my life…in our lives. He is just as amazing now as he ever was and is still taking care of us, his family. What an amazingly kind creature and soul.

Bart, I feel you everywhere. Thank you for making this portion of the grieving process easier than I could have ever imagined. The one terrible moment when you left us pales in comparison to the millions of moments we shared then and now. You are the best!! I love you!

I love you forever Bart


Darcy & Angel Bart

Dear Darcy and Lane,

I am so glad for the two of you for having these incredible visits and signs of Bart endless love for the two of you. He is with you still….

Esther and her Angel Snoop

Darcy & Lane,
I am so glad Bart is coming to see you. He is showing his love for you and that he is watching over you. I am so glad that he let Lane find his ring Bart knew what that meant to him and that it was important. Watch out he may kick Maxx out of his bed 😉

Hugs to you during this time

Michelle & Angel Sassy

Cryig the whole time readingnyournpost…and then scrolling down to that picture…OMD…threw me right over the edge!!!

Such a love story, a powerful, powerful love story! And Bart CLEARLY his letting you know this love story has no ending…it is timeless and shall continue into infinity!!

SEEING BART…and seeing him in such specific ways…and the ring…ohhhh myyyy….love this!! I’m so open to our loved ones making their presence known to us in so many ways. Bart chose ways to make sure you had no doubt that he is still with you!!! What a special soul!!

Bart, would you show Happy Hannah how to make her presence more visible for me? I haven’t really tapped into her presence yet..not throught dreams or any other way. There was one thing that sorta happened with cloudsone day, but I sure could use more signs like you are giving your humans!!!

The wedding ring??? WOW! I think Bart kept it over night so he could immerse his energy all through jt! That ring is such a great symbol of the union all three of you have…again…infinite love, eternal bond.

Thank you sooooo much for sharing this very special part of Bart’s journey from another dimension. I know he’s so pleased to know you know…he’s still with you!!

Give sweet Maxx a hug too! I’m sure Bart is still keeping him in line!!

Sending love, lots of it!

Sally and My Eternal Light Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

I am so sorry for your loss. Bart sounds like he was quite a wonderful dog. He will always be with you, even though he has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you so much for sharing your story about your husband’s wedding ring. I truly believe that you were seeing Bart, as well. He appears to have a very strong spirit.

Sending hugs and prayers your way as you begin your journey of healing.

Lauren and the pack (Theo, Adriel, Domino, Cole, Penny, Peppe, Hope and Miracle)

Wow Darcy, these are TOTALLY signs that Barty is never, ever going to leave your side. What cool signals he’s giving you (and hey at least he gave the wedding ring back!), I hope they continue.

I totally believe in signs from our dogs and human loved ones who have passed one. This is a beautiful post! So sorry for your loss but hope Bart continues to be with you.


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