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17 Sep 2012, 12:56pm


Bart Was Successful (Again) in a New Arena!!

Bart was a superstar again this weekend!! He went two-for-two, earning TWO Legs towards his Junior Retrieving Title.

There was the normal hesitation on our part, wondering if this group of people would be accepting not only of a pointing breed (we were, after all, at a Retriever test) but of a 3-legged pointer.  As ususal, Bart wowed the crowds and gained many new admirers who just could not believe how efficient he was on task.  He really blew everyone away when he hauled tail to the duck on the water retrieve and swam as fast, if not faster, than all the other dogs.

The timing was especially good because a friend of one of the competitors just recently amputated her dogs front leg and has been experiencing mixed emotions about her decision. I hope hearing about Bart gives her hope that they can live life to the fullest and that dogs really are born with Three Legs and a Spare!!

I will try to post Bart’s water retrieve on his blog, but I am computer challenged and it may not work. He is on YouTube (Bart Water Retrieve Hunt Test) so you can see it in the event I am unsuccessful in posting it.

So, Bart needs two more qualifying scores, which we will most likely do in the Spring, and then he can add yet another title to his resume! Yay Barty!!!



Oh this is wonderful to watch! You are like a flash of lightning Bart, you’re so darn fast. I will post this in our “Tripawds swimming” YouTube playlist, because if anyone can give a new pawrent that their pup will swim again, you sure can.

Congratulations Champ, you did it again!

Thank you for sharing your story of Bart. My Daisy a German Shorthaired Pointer will be having her front left leg amputated next Wednesday. Daisy is a AKC Master Hunter, RDX, NAVHDA UT P1 204, and a NAVHDA Versatile Champion. All at the age of 8, 9 and 10. She turns 12 in December. An infection from a cactus needle after hunting in central Montana for Sharptail and Hungarian Partridge is the cause of her issues. The infection won’t go away and her carpal bones and cartilage have broken down and she cannot put pressure and walk on it. It won’t get better it can only get worse. She is very physically fit. About 70% of the time she has been using 3 legs for the last 6 months. Almost like she has been training for this 🙂 I want to provide her a better quality of life and if she wants to hunt (lol as if she will ever say no) then I can take her to the honey holes that holds birds. Daisy is a big swimmer and I didn’t think about that until tonight. I started to panic because I only found dogs with rear legs removed. When I saw Bart’s photo and your video of your dog retrieving (front leg removed), I broke down crying out of happiness. Thank you for sharing! You have given me hope and made the decision much easier.


Hi Stephen:

Wow! Daisy is impressive! That NAVHDA stuff is tough. We have been working towards a UT testing for several years and I am hoping to enter him in a test next year. Kudus to you all!

It sounds like Bart & Daisy have similar hunting desires (unstoppable) and I always just wanted him to have fun and enjoy life so we were in the field very soon after the amputation. It took him some time to get acclimated as to how best to run with one leg missing and at first he would tire sooner and would get wobbly from the rear, but after time he learned to pull with his front leg and now you can’t tell he is without when he is running through the fields, hunting for quail.

As for swimming – I was nervous at first and had actually approached NAVHDA to see if he could use a floatation device vest. A good friend made the obvious observation about how well Bart had adapted to everything so far and suggested I just let him try, which I did. He went straight into the water, started swimming and never had any problems at all. He uses his tail more (almost as a rudder) but nobody would guess he is a tripawd when they watch him swim from shore. It is my favorite exercise for him since there is no impact on that front leg. I also have 3 GSPs so there is just no doubt in my head that Daisy is athletic and strong and will take to swimming instantly once her incisions heal. You are going to be amazed when you watch your girl go! I still get amazed at what Bart can do!

I am so glad that Bart’s video was posted at just the right time for you to see. That is why we post these things and participate with Tripawds.

Best of luck to you & Daisy!!

Darcy & Bart!

Darcy & Bart,

I wanted to give you an update on Daisy.

Her surgery was Oct 3rd, 2012. Everything went just fine. Today, Oct 24 is my 3rd day in the North Woods of Wisconsin Grouse hunting with Daisy and my other two shorthairs. On Monday, Daisy pointed,I shot and she retrieved a red phased grouse. I have the retrieve on video. 19 days after surgery. Just amazing. She gets around pretty well for being 11 years old in Dec and 3 legged.

I call it a miracle.

Her hunts are kept to 1 hunt a day between 30 – 40 min.

I leave for duck and Pheasant hunting in North Dakota next week.

Best decision I ever made.

She is happier, off of meds/drugs.

Again, thanks for sharing your inspiring story of Bart.

Stephen Lynch

I was just wondering how Daisy was doing the other day and am elated at the good news!!

I would love to see her video – is it on YouTube?

I am so glad Bart’s story helped you along this road – that was one of my goals early on.

Congratulations on the wonderful outcome!

Happy Hunting!!

Darcy & Bart


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