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9 Jul 2014, 12:12pm


Putting an End to Chemo…what a relief

Good Morning Everypawdy!

It has been a tough couple of weeks for me and Bart. We did get another piece of good news that he does NOT have kidney disease! Hooray!! One less thing to worry about. Thankfully the incontinence has also ceased. It pained me to watch him sleep while dribbling on himself. Dogs are such clean animals and I just hate to think how he felt, even when he had his little britches on to keep him as dry as possible. I hope that is a thing that stays in our past.

I have been mulling over the idea of stopping chemo treatments on Bart for some time now. Last night, I gave that idea a voice and the relief I experienced from letting that stressful energy out of my head and heart and into the world confirmed to me that it is the right decision. Bart has still not rebounded since chemo treatment #3 and treatment #4 didn’t make things any better. The thought of the progression of his decline after 2 more treatments is not something Bart deserves and it is not the life we choose for him. His eating is poor because he does not feel good…period. I know he turns his nose up to food because he feels sick because I can get him to eat decently (at best) after he has had his full doses of Cerenium, Ondansetron & Mirtazapine. Cerenium and Mirtazapine can only be given every 24 hours and we have added the Ondansetron, which can be given every 8 – 12 hours, to keep him from feeling yucky. I have him at work with me today so I can make sure he can get his meds every 8 hours because my work schedule and commute otherwise keep me away for 12 hours. By the time I get home, he is just not himself and it pains me to see him like that.

When we began this journey for the 2nd time, I promised myself that if the chemo was wreaking havoc on his 9 year old body I would not continue. Of course, in the back of my mind I was hoping he would make it through the protocol like he did when he was 3 and that I would not have to contemplate what to do. Honestly, there is nothing to think about. Bart can’t live like this and there is nothing to suggest that he would miraculously do better after another 2 rounds. So, no more chemo, Bart, no more. I promised I would take care of YOU and I will do that even if it requires making tough decisions to give you the quality of life you have earned and so deserve.

Do I feel defeated? A little…

Am I disappointed? A little

Do I believe that caring for Bart in this fashion is the right thing to do? ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY!!! He is My Barty, in some circles he is knows as Our Barty, and he is going to live life to the fullest…I owe him that for all he has done for me and those he has met in his life.

As soon as we get this nausea under control, we will venture to the next chapter in his life which will include keeping him as healthy as we can. I am blessed to have a great holistic vet in our corner who I trust to lead me in the right direction in a manner that does not include chemical warfare destroying his body.

This is when Strength & Courage take on a real persona.

This is when Strength & Courage are more than just words.

This is when Strength & Courage will shed light in the darkness.

Thank you for allowing me to give his tough decision a voice and to release the energy I have been holding in for a while.

Love & Wiggles,

Darcy & Bart


3 Jul 2014, 1:18pm


Chemo…it’s just tough on everyone involved

Good Morning Everypawdy!

When most of us think of Bart, we think Success Story, Happy-ness, Courage and Strength! All of these adjectives are well deserved and are not taken for granted, for sure. Today I feel compelled to write because I want to share with others the struggles that go on behind the scenes when our beloveds are going through chemo. Basically, chemo just plain sucks.

When Bart beat Osteosarcoma for the 1st time starting in 2008, we were faced with going through chemo at the same time as we were learning to live life as a Tripawd. That is a lot to take on…it just is.  Now that we are in the process of beating OSA once again, we are “only” having to deal with chemo. During Bart’s first couple of treatments, he was doing so fantastic that I thought, “Wow! Compared to going through chemo while also dealing with a recent amputation, this is simple.” Bart was eating well after just a few days of treatment and by his 3rd round he had gained 4 pounds!!

Then, after his 3rd round, which was Cistplastin, he developed incontinence. At first I thought he just couldn’t hold it because he was drinking so much water.  When I then made sure he had plenty of potty breaks and it was still happening, I thought, Oh Crap…chemo is messing with his bladder. My poor boy. He was also not eating “right” and it was getting very difficult to get him to eat much at all.  We were faced with the reality behind chemo and what it does to our fur kids as it is working so hard to destroy the cancer. What a necessary evil it is.

So, we met with his Holistic Vet, who is skilled with cancer patients beyond belief, who first and foremost convinced me not to worry about not feeding him the “right” food at this time, but continue doing what was necessary to get him to eat something, anything to maintain his weight. She was also going to help me fight the nausea head on and provided me not only with Cerenia, but a prescription for another drug to give with the Cerenia to boost its anti-nausea fighting ability (can’t remember the name at this moment).  Once we get the nausea under control, I can add the Mitrazapine for appetite stimulant but until he feels well enough to eat giving him that drug has been pointless.

Now for the toughest pill to swallow…no, cancer has not returned (want to get that out of the way right away), but the Cistplastin is most likely starting to give him stage 1 kidney disease, which is a potential side effect of this drug. Crap!! What’s worse is that a low protein diet is what is needed for kidney disease and that is the exact type of diet he needs to help ward off cancer. Not only that, but about all I can get him to eat is hamburger patties…pure protein!! Ugghhhh….this sucks!!!

Once we get the final results back of a more thorough urinalysis that is being done to “quantify” the protein found in his urine, we will know what we are dealing with and Dr. Wynn feels confident that his kidneys will still outlive Bart and we can deal with this and she will help me. I know she will. I will also meet with the Wonderful Dr. Abby Huggins, Bart’s long time vet, to discuss the results with her and benefit from her wealth of knowledge. She has been a rock to Bart & I during this…everyone who has a vet they love knows what I mean! Bart has only 2 more treatments left, but one of them, the next one, is Cistplastin and I need to know if the benefits outweigh the problems it is creating with his kidney. Yes, Bart is a fighter, but Bart is also a glorious dog who trusts me to make the best decisions for him, which I always try to do. I am pretty sure we are going to be able to complete the protocol since the damage has been done and the likes of Dr. Huggins and Dr. Wynn are in our corner.

So, Chemo Sucks! It just does! For us, it has been a tough 12 weeks. Chemo Sucks! The day in and day out of dealing with chemo is hard and tiring and sometimes it makes you feel like giving up…that is the reality. It makes you sit in front of a computer screen, like I am now, with tears pouring down my face because it just sucks. I find myself driving down the road hoping passerbys don’t think I am crazy as I cry hard about this. It sucks. I hate that my boy has to endure this…I hate it. But, I love him…so I put my big girl panties on and I dig deep to find the courage and strength to keep on going for Bart.

Courage and Strength…that is what gets me through all of this…Courage and Strength

Love to all,

Darcy & Bart


22 May 2014, 7:57pm


Bart Rockin’ Round 2 of Chemo!!

Hi Everypawdy!!

As usual, Bart is involved in fantastic events and I am the lucky soul who gets to go along for the ride!

We were invited to attend a Police Dog Demonstration held by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department to reward an elementary school that raised the most money in their local penny drive. The money raised is all donated to Chase Away K9 Cancer and the founder of the organization flew in from Oregon and asked Bart & I to join in the fun! Bart made his appearance and the children absolutely LOVED him!! At one point, over 30 kids swarmed Bart to pet him and meet him and he ate it up like chocolate pudding! Bart has the calm confidence with humans that is just incredible. The swarm of kids never rattled him and when the sea of children parted, you could see his happy Vizsla face looking up at them all with his tail wagging.

ChaseAway2014 - the whole crew

We even made the front page of the Douglas County Sentinel! Just look at those smiling faces…another once in a lifetime experiences I have been fortunate to have with Bart!!

Bart in DouglasCo Sentinel

He had round 2 of his chemo regimen yesterday and is eating and resting comfortably in my office as we speak!

I am amazingly not stressed about this second battle. I am not going to worry about something that has not happened and am just going to try my best to do whatever I can for him. I love Bart with all my heart. I don’t want to lose him. I really don’t. But I also don’t want to taint the amazing time we have right now with my fears of what might happen in the future.


Cancer Wont Win

I am still following Bart’s lead of happy happy joy joy! And Bart’s message to cancer is clear!! YOU WON’T WIN!!

We hope everyone has a magical Memorial Weekend!

We Love you All!!

Darcy & Bart

8 May 2014, 1:38pm


Bart soldiering on in Amazing fashion…but of course

Bart at Dr. WynnsHi Everypawdy!!

Bart is doing amazing! He was able to start his first round of chemo last week and he did fantastic! He is on the same protocol as in 2008, so I have some reference on how he will do. Of course, he is now 9 years old so his body is different and I am mindful of that.

He is eating a home cooked diet and his wonderful holistic vet, Dr. Susan Wynn, is concocting a specially tailored diet for him which should be ready by next week.  Dr. Wynn also put together “Bart’s Blend” of holistic herbs to be his Bone Stasis to keep his bones as healthy as they are now. Our goal is quality of life and to keep him eating during his chemo treatments. So far so good. We have many options to keep him eating.

During Bart’s visit with Dr. Wynn, he really wooed her over and she kept saying how very Charming Bart is…well, of course. No surprise to me. Bart is one of those dogs with lovely confidence that will walk right up to a stranger, look them straight in the face with his Vizsla smile and wag his tail until he gets what he wants – a butt rub!!

Bart loves the mornings when it is nice and cool. He runs all over the place and just could not be more joyful! I am taking his lead on this – if he is happy, I will be happy. He trusts me, and I am going to trust him. He has never let me down so far, so why would I not trust him?

So, we are moving along quite well and enjoying each day. I can say that having gone through this once before, I am astonished at how much easier it is to appreciate the good and not worry about the bad. I read something somewhere that said, “Worrying is like Praying for something you don’t want.”

Right now we intend to Be.More.Dog and enjoy life!

Love all of you in the Tripawd Nation!

Darcy & Bart


24 Apr 2014, 12:37pm


Darn OSA Rears Its Ugly Head…Bart & Darcy Prepared to Fight!

It has been a while since I have posted. Mostly I just enjoy reading posts here and on the FB page and supporting the pawrents who are celebrating milestones or having to make difficult decisions. I feel the pain of those who have to let their beloveds go and shed tears each time I find out that we have lost another Tripawd Soldier.

Bart has always been a hero no matter where he goes. He beat Osteosarcoma 6 years ago – virtually unheard of!! He competed until almost 9 years old in hunting events with 4-legged dogs with a following like no other!  He was awarded the AKC Humane Fund ACE Award for being an Exemplary Companion!  He has lived a charmed and blessed life.

Last week he had a tumor removed from the tissue surrounding and between his ribs at his old amputation site. Bart’s vet, Dr. Abby Huggins, enjoys surgery and enjoys a challenge but said that because she loves Bart so much she wished she didn’t have to have such a challenging surgery with him. When she saw Bart’s tumor, she knew it was a sarcoma of some sorts but didn’t want to “be sad” until the pathology results came back. She was also concerned that due to the location and size of the tumor she was unable to get the needed clean margins.

Bart recovered from a very difficult surgery in true Bart style and I was fortunate to be reminded of the sheer tenacity and strength in this amazing creature.  During the first night after the surgery Bart had some discomfort, but I could see in his eyes that he trusted me so that when I consoled him he knew I had his back and that he would be OK. During that dark night, there was the light of love. The next morning, he wanted nothing more than to run around the living room carrying random shoes and slippers. He’s back…

Yesterday we got the pathology report back – Osteosarcoma has returned 6 years later. My heart sunk and the tears flowed. I contacted Bart’s breeder who was my rock during the last go around and who I know will  be there again. She was devastated, but hopeful. As word spread through our FB community, hope, love and prayers have come pouring into our life…not surprising at all.  There was also a small miracle in the path report – BART’S INCREDIBLE VET SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY GOT CLEAN MARGINS!!!! Additionally, she had taken an X-ray of his chest and organs and there is not a dot of cancer anywhere in his sweet body! So, at least we have that to start with…

Bart has an appointment with his previous oncologist, Dr. Terrence Hamilton, next week and an appointment with his holistic Vet, Dr. Susan Wynn, the week after. My goal this time around is to try to fend off any new or microscopic cancer in whatever way Dr. Hamilton advises and if at 9 years old he either can’t handle the chemo treatment or if the dreaded dots appear on an X-ray he will be allowed to remain happy and comfortable.  I am prepared to deal with either or both.

Bart’s entire life has been about Love and Happy-ness and cancer cannot take any of that away from us – ever!  He & I have lived the most incredible life to its fullest and cancer cannot diminish that either. Cancer has been a part of Bart’s life and if it is a component of what makes Bart “Bart” then I embrace it whole heartedly. I just love everything about him…good or bad.

We are prepared to fight and we are prepared to love and we are prepared to laugh!!!

Darcy & Bart070

12 Jun 2013, 1:51pm


Hoppy 5 Year Ampuversary Bart!!!

Hoppy 5th Ampuversary to You!!

Hoppy 5th Ampuversary to You!!!

Hoppy 5th Ampuversary DEAR BARTY!!!!

Hoppy 5th Ampuversary to You!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so proud of you Bart for kicking Osteosarcoma’s Butt for 5 years! I know your vets are amazed with your success!!

I am glad you were here to walk me down the aisle a few weeks ago and for all the other amazing memories we have created together!!! You are an Extraordinary Vizlsa!!


Barts Mom!!!!!!Bart before his run

25 Apr 2013, 3:29pm


Wish us LUCK Tripawd Nation as Bart hits Nationals!!!

Bart is at it again! We are leaving tomorrow to head to Bloomingdale, OH, to the Mingo Sportsman’s Club for the AKC All Breed Walking National Field Trial, where Bart will be one of 60 competitors!! This is Bart’s last Hurrah in the Field and we are looking forward to showing folks that a Tripawd with a lot of heart can be just as impressive as any other competitor!!

This will punctuate Bart’s career perfectly and we could not ask for a better Retirement Pawty!! At 8 years old and 5 years on 3, it is time to retire from competitive field trials before there is pain and before it is no longer fun.  Bart will still be hunting and running around One Day Farm and he is still pursuing his Retrieving Titles, so there is no couch potato-ing in his future for sure!

So, Tripawd Nation – wish us well on our journey to the Nationals!! We are wearing several Tripawd Trinkets – one which will be on my whistle lanyard as a reminder of what this journey has been about – To Have Fun!! To Be.More.Dog!! and To Love The Moment You Are In!! I got a new camera so hoppfully there will be some great photos to post when we get home!!

Love & Wiggles – Darcy & Bart

21 Dec 2012, 4:24pm

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Hoppiest of Howlidays!!

Hi Everypawdy!! I hope everyone is having a good day today.

To start, Bart had a vet appointment today to check some lumps on his side and to get a chest X-Ray and everything came back A-OK!! I get nervous every so often because I recognize that there is no rhyme or reason as to why Bart has survived this long and I just get plain scared cancer is going to resurface sooner rather than later. He is still soooo young at under 8 years old and barely showing any white on his face and I am not ready to live my life without him by my side. Thankfully, he is fine, I am relieved, and we are both very blessed…beyond belief.

I received a special present from Bart & Tripawds and am sitting her loving my new charm bracelet that reminds me every single day to Be.More.Dog. This upcoming weekend we plan on enjoying the ones we love to the fullest, laughing tons, and maybe even dancing a few times if the mood strikes. Bart is an excellent dancer!

I wish the entire Tripawds Community a Very Hoppy Howladays!!!

Remembering to Be.More.Dog.,

Darcy & Bart (who already Is.More.Dog.)


17 Sep 2012, 12:56pm


Bart Was Successful (Again) in a New Arena!!

Bart was a superstar again this weekend!! He went two-for-two, earning TWO Legs towards his Junior Retrieving Title.

There was the normal hesitation on our part, wondering if this group of people would be accepting not only of a pointing breed (we were, after all, at a Retriever test) but of a 3-legged pointer.  As ususal, Bart wowed the crowds and gained many new admirers who just could not believe how efficient he was on task.  He really blew everyone away when he hauled tail to the duck on the water retrieve and swam as fast, if not faster, than all the other dogs.

The timing was especially good because a friend of one of the competitors just recently amputated her dogs front leg and has been experiencing mixed emotions about her decision. I hope hearing about Bart gives her hope that they can live life to the fullest and that dogs really are born with Three Legs and a Spare!!

I will try to post Bart’s water retrieve on his blog, but I am computer challenged and it may not work. He is on YouTube (Bart Water Retrieve Hunt Test) so you can see it in the event I am unsuccessful in posting it.

So, Bart needs two more qualifying scores, which we will most likely do in the Spring, and then he can add yet another title to his resume! Yay Barty!!!



30 Aug 2012, 6:33pm


Checking In…

It has been a while since we have checked in but we are glad we poked around today because we were able to be inspired by Zeus and reminded of Chili Dawg, both of whom are incredible dogs with incredible families. 

With Bart’s big cover debut behind him, we are gearing up for hunting season and a new opportunity for Bart to have some fun in the field. The American Kennel Club has recently allowed pointing dogs such as Bart to participate in retriever events and we are entered in our first retrieving hunt test in just a few weeks.  Bart is like, “Don’t sweat it, Mom! I got this!” while I am nervous that we will do something stupid since we have never done this and have only watched this type of test on the internet.  But, Bart & I have failed and succeeded more times together than I can count so this will be another one or the other (hopefully we will pass and it will be a success).  If not, I am sure we will have fun and there will be folks whose jaws will drop when they see this 3-legged kid rocket off to retrieve his prize. Bart is one of  the zippiest retrieving dogs and a pure joy to watch work the field.

Wish us luck as we continue on this journey of fun as we try (again) something we have never done before!

Darcy & Bart

Bart – an extraordinary Vizsla is brought to you by Tripawds.